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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

5/31/11 thru 6/8/11 -- The Computer Crashed


Our computer crashed and burned.  All of our pictures are on that hard drive. The archaic laptop I own doesn't have a port to accept a memory card.  As a result, I've been forced to rely on my phone for pictures.  But I'm determined to keep finding joy!

5/31/11 -- "Ice Skating"

If I had the pictures I had taken today, I'd be posting some of my girls wearing knee high socks slipping and sliding through the kitchen.  I hope I can recover them one day.

Today's Joy:  Summer Ice Skating.

6/1/11 -- Friends

She's the littlest.
Always tagging along behind her older sisters.

Today she had a friend of her very own over to play!

Today's Joy:  Playdates

6/2/11 -- Crash

I was uploading the pictures from my camera when this happened.

Today's Joy:  The old laptop.

6/3/11 -- Pizza

Nevermind that she had an endo visit which revealed a higher than expected A1c.
Or that she had to get a tooth pulled.

Today we discovered a new gluten free pizza.
And it was GOOD!

Today's Joy:  Naked Pizza.

6/4/11 -- MNO

After the final session of BodyBack,
I headed to dinner with the girls.

6/5/11 -- Movin' Up!

This weekend was the weekend everyone moved up to the next grade level at church.

So now I have a Kindergartner...

And a Second Grader!

BIG changes come at second grade.
The kids go UPSTAIRS...it's a whole new journey!

Today's Joy:  Growing kids with faith.

6/6/11 -- Pillow Sack Races

Ready, set, GO!

Today's Joy:  Old fashioned fun.

6/7/11 -- Poolside

Our day started with swim lessons...
and then we went to a community water park with some friends!

Sugar even jumped off the high dive!

Today's Joy:  Splashing Around.

6/8/11 -- Blowing Bubbles

Today's Joy:  Bubbles!

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