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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2/15/11 -- Empty Laundry Baskets

This is my laundry "closet".
I wish is was bigger.
I'd like to have a big room with lots of cabinets and extra space to hide piles of clothes that sit in various phases of THE CYCLE.

But I don't have that.
God blessed our family with this.

Inevitably, baskets fill up and end up being stashed all over my living room.
On any given day,  you're sure to find a basket of clean clothes waiting to be folded.

But, thanks to my wonderful husband (!!!)
on this day it was all caught up.

Nothing waiting to be washed.
Nothing waiting to be folded.
Nothing waiting to be put away.

The laundry was DONE!

Today's Joy:  Clean clothes -- folded and in their drawers -- and a living room free of clothes clutter!

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  1. ah man. I wish I had the same joy! Love that Jay of yours!!