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Thursday, October 6, 2011

10/6/11 -- Half Day

They had a half day today.
So....it was back to the park
for an afternoon of being outside in perfect weather!
We brought along their scooters,
and a few friends joined the fun.
They played for THREE HOURS!

When we were leaving, the sprinklers came on!

Today's Joy:  Being outside!


  1. I always think its so awesome to see cactus as landscaping! These are awesome pics! Looks like fun, plus we could use some sun.....

  2. Thank you this morning for being a "Blessing".....my husband is Type 1 and I am a Celiac......husband was a late onset..was a Navy Chaplain attached to the Enterprise when he came down hard with the Type 1 Diabetes...I am 2 years out from a diagnosis of Celiac's.....when I read on your other blogs about your life journey....of the two challenges/blessings in your life I could hardly believe there was another out there with this combo in their home! Husband is a minister now in Indianapolis.....Blessings! Karen