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Monday, July 18, 2011

7/18/11 -- Favorite Lunch and Love

In my quest to lose weight, this has become my most favorite lunch EVAH!

Spinach salad topped with strawberries, walnuts, fat free feta, sundried tomatoes, 
and a drizzle of low fat Raspberry Vinaigrette, alongside
a tall glass of ICE water.

Love every bite :)

So I took that picture as my tummy was rumbling,
and figured there couldn't be anything more joyful than that.

Until I saw this...

That's PumpPal.
Sugar holds him for every site change or Dexcom insertion.

He goes on vacation with us. 
He goes to school to educate the students.
He goes to sleepovers.
He never misses a site change.

She and PumpPal have been doing this together for over 4 years.
He is VERY special.

Today I had an appointment to get a shot in my foot 
to help with some intense pain I've been having.

Sweet Sugar put PumpPal in my bag,
knowing I was going to have to deal with a needle.

Today's Joy:  Yummy Lunch...and Perfect Love.

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