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Saturday, May 14, 2011

5/8 thru 5/14 -- LIFE GOT BUSY!

5/8/11 -- Mother's Day

Today's Joy:  Motherhood.

5/9/11 -- Sidewalk Art

Today's Joy:  A beautiful afternoon in May.

5/10/11 -- PB & J

Sometimes standing back, and letting them make their own messes is hard to do.

Today's Joy:  Confidence building and a full tummy!

5/11/11 -- School Nurse's Day!

To honor school nurses everywhere, I wrote THIS guest post 
over at  the SunButter Blog.

Today's Joy:  SCHOOL NURSES!

5/12/11 -- SPLASH!

Everyone moved up a level in swim class!
And these two got to jump off the diving board for the very first time!

Today's Joy:  Swim Lessons.

5/13/11 -- Ice Cream!

She had the BIG 4 year well visit today.

Nothing that a good ol' ice cream cone couldn't fix.

Today's Joy:  Immunizations...and an ice cream date!

5/14/11 --  Love Letter

He loves me.

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