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Saturday, March 19, 2011

3/19/11 -- Spring Cleaning

Jay took the girls to the Airshow today.
I'd love to be posting pics from that adventure
I'm not.

Because I didn't go.

I worked until midnight the night before, and slept in instead.
Then I finished hauling out the old clothes we no longer need,
and digging through the hand-me-down boxes to get ready for 

I also got the floors washed, the bathrooms scrubbed, the house dusted, 
and the laundry (mostly) done.

After a week of jam packed Spring Break fun, this place needed a little sprucing up.
So, while I opted not to go to the airshow, 
I did end the day feeling a sense of accomplishment!
(Not to mentions well rested!)

Today's Joy:  Chores...CHECK!
Oh, and PS -- Jay did get some cute shots of the girls with his phone.  I'll post them eventually!

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