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Sunday, February 6, 2011

2/6/11 -- Angels

We celebrated the Superbowl at a neighbor's house with a TON of yummy food.

Sugar had her fill.
Maybe MORE than her fill, actually.
Her blood sugar took a little ride into orbit.

After a two corrections, I checked her Dexcom around midnight.
It was 220 with a diagonal downward arrow.
I fully expected that she would land softly and have a great night since there wasn't any active insulin in her system.

Around 2:30, I felt a forceful jolt waking me up.
There was an overwhelming instinct to get up and check her.

She just kept going.
No end in sight.
These pictures were taken AFTER the first juice box.

She could have been the next blue candle.
And that's very hard to swallow.

Today's Joy:  Angels all around us.


  1. OH! I have never had a down trend like that..... OUCH! I too have on many occasion, listened to that quiet whisper that says go now! I am so thankful God gives us those whispers from Angels!

  2. So glad God gave you that jolt! He is so good.

  3. it seems always the worst at night... tyler had several below 20's at night
    May our Angels always be with us!