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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2/22/11 -- Pillow Treats

I put a little treat under my girls' pillows while they're at school.
They rush home after school, always excited to see what they'll find.

Sometimes it's a sticker.
Or a small piece of candy.
Or a tube of chapstick.
Every day, without fail, this little tradition puts a huge smile on their faces.

During our IKEA trip yesterday, I found the cutest little sets of plush play food.
So I picked up some veggies...and ice cream...
and then divided them up.
They were content for the rest of the evening, making up all kinds of games :)

Today's Joy:  Happy hearts and BIG smiles.


  1. I love those! I'll be heading to IKEA soon ;)

  2. Those are easy to make. Search the internet for felt food. I have seen it on tons of blogs and made some myself. It so easy, your girls could make some too!