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Thursday, February 10, 2011

2/10/11 -- Perfect Surprises


ME:  "Honey, we need to brush your hair."
HER:  "No we don't.  My hair is already perfect."

Yes, Baby Girl.  Yes it is.
(But we're still going to brush it!)

They've been asking to ride their bikes.
So far, I haven't gotten up the nerve to let Sugar do it.
Dealing with blood sugars in the midst of morning madness is enough.
I don't want to worry about what the activity level will do to her numbers when I'm not there.

Today, I decided to surprise them.
I drove the bikes up and dropped them off so they could ride them home.
If you could have seen the excitement when they realized what I had done!

Today's Joy:  Perfect hair days and PERFECT SMILES!


  1. Wow! That hair was for real?! She must be a wild sleeper! Bike rides btw are havoc for Maddies numbers....so we dont/"cant" ride out bikes to school either. So far Ive managed to tip toe around that one!

  2. Oh my goodness . . . that, that hair! It is p-e-r-f-e-c-t just the way it is ;)

    Haven't tried out the bike riding yet. Will be very sad if that activity messes with Ellie. Our bikes are put 'up' from September until around April (we don't ride in the snow) so this will be a new experience.

    So happy you went for it!!!!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hair pictures!