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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1/26/11 -- Daydreams and Doodles

I'm a doodler.
Mr. Rose teases me about it all the time.
I can't help daydreaming about my man, though.

He works incredibly hard to provide for our family.
He's a helicopter mechanic.
So, not only does he deal with the demands of a very labor intensive job,
but then he has to test flight the helicopters to make sure they're safe for service.

Sometimes I worry that a screw could be lose.
Or a rotor blade off balance.
Or, you know, a zillion other things.

But I *LOVE* it when he flies over the house.
It always makes me happy to see his helicopter up there,
sounding so vibrant and strong.

I'm very proud of him every day.
And I love him enough to doodle his name :)

Today's Joy:  Jason.  
(And test flights over the house!)

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